Campaigns & Elections Magazine Names Hennessy Top Political Consultant

Hartford – Matthew Hennessy, Managing Director of Tremont Public Advisors has been named to Campaigns & Elections Magazine’s “Influencers 500” list of the top U.S. political consultants from both parties. In compiling the list, Campaigns & Elections magazine conducted more than 100 interviews with consultants, journalists and political insiders from across the country. The result, which they called “The Influencers 500”, is a collection of some of the top names in the consulting business state by state. C&E named the consultants, lobbyists and strategists who are influential in their home states- the folks with influence in primaries and the state-specific campaigns. As C&E stated in the article, “the one thing we're certain of is that the names on the following pages are the folks you need to talk to in state capitals across the country.”