Politico Highlights Tremont Poll In National Story on Governors Races

The top 10 governor’s races of 2018

Democrats face another critical test at the state level in 2018, hoping to rebuild power in governors' mansions around the country.


12/31/2017 07:48 AM EST


4. Connecticut — Democratic Gov. Dannel Malloy is retiring.

Deep-blue Connecticut is actually one of Republicans' best opportunities in 2018. Malloy’s approval ratings were some of the worst among any governor in the country, and he decided not to run for a third term. But Republicans hope that environment in the state will clear the way for their candidate next fall. There are almost a dozen candidates running in the Republican primary and it’s unclear who will emerge as the nominee. A Tremont Public Advisors LLC poll conducted in mid-December found a generic Republican candidate beating a generic Democratic candidate