Tremont Public Advisors to Release Poll On GOP Under Ticket On 8/6/18

Hartford - Tremont Public Advisors, a lobbying and public affairs firm with offices in Hartford and Washington, D.C., will release the first public poll on the 8/14 Connecticut Republican primary elections for Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Treasurer and Comptroller on Monday, August 6th 2018 at 10AM.

Between 7/30/18 and 8/2/18 Tremont Public Advisors conducted four concurrent surveys of 801-1,122 self- identified, Connecticut registered Republican voters using an on-line survey platform. Respondents were allowed to take the survey only once and were restricted from choosing more than one answer. The answer choices for candidates were shown in a random order. The poll population consisted of Connecticut internet users viewing content on a network of web publisher sites on both mobile and desktop devices. The survey answers have a MMOE of no more than +/- 3%.

Gender, age and location of the survey respondents were inferred by data correlated to the I.P. address of the respondent. The survey used statistical weighting procedures to account for deviations in the survey sample from known population characteristics, which helps correct for differential survey participation and random variation in samples. The overall adult sample is weighted based on U.S. Census data using a procedure to match the demographic makeup of the target population of Connecticut internet users by gender, age and geography.