Tremont Poll Shows Connecticut Taking A "Wait and See" Approach to Lamont

Connecticut Taking A “Wait and See” Approach to Lamont


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Hartford – In the wake of a state budget just released by Governor Ned Lamont designed to address structural issues with state government finances, a survey of Connecticut residents shows many are taking a “wait and see” approach to the Lamont Administration.

Tremont Public Advisors conducted an on-line survey of 1,507 Connecticut residents between February 22 and February 25, 2019 testing Governor Lamont’s favorability. The survey showed 33% of residents hadn’t developed an opinion on Governor Lamont, 23% had a favorable opinion and 44% had an unfavorable opinion.

“The good news for Governor Lamont is that most residents have either a favorable opinion of him or are withholding judgement until they learn more about his agenda. Coming off last November’s close race for Governor, Lamont doesn’t have excess political capital to spend when he is making tough choices during the budget process. However, it looks like most residents are giving Lamont the benefit of the doubt to deal with state government’s difficult fiscal situation.” stated Matt Hennessy the Managing Director of Tremont Public Advisors.

In a similar survey conduct by Quinnipiac University in March of 2011 testing then Governor Malloy’s job approval after announcing his first budget, 25% of the respondents had no opinion, 35% approved and 40% disapproved.

Survey Results

Q1: As a Connecticut resident, do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Governor Ned Lamont?

Unfavorable    44%

DK/Other        33%

Favorable        23%


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Between 2/22/19 and 2/25/19 Tremont Public Advisors conducted a survey of 1,507 Connecticut residents over age 18 using an on-line survey platform. Respondents were allowed to take the survey only once and were restricted from choosing more than one answer. The answer choices were shown in a random order. The poll population consisted of Connecticut internet users viewing content on a network of web publisher sites on both mobile and desktop devices. The survey answers have a MMOE of no more than +/- 2.5%.

Gender, age and location of the survey respondents were inferred by data correlated to the I.P. address of the respondent. The survey used statistical weighting procedures to account for deviations in the survey sample from known population characteristics, which helps correct for differential survey participation and random variation in samples. The overall adult sample is weighted based on U.S. Census data using a procedure to match the demographic makeup of the target population of Connecticut internet users by gender, age and geography.

The survey was designed and paid for by Tremont Public Advisors, LLC.