Tremont to Release First Head to Head Poll in 2018 Race for Governor of Connecticut

Hartford – On Monday 5/7/18 at 11:00 AM, Tremont Public Advisors will release the results of a group of surveys conducted to determine the potential outcome of head to head match ups between two potential Republican and two potential Democratic candidates for Governor in the November 2018 election. The four candidates were selected based on past performance in previous Tremont Public Advisors surveys. In addition, Tremont also tested “generic” Democratic and Republican candidates for Governor.

Results can be viewed Monday at 11AM here:


Between 5/3/18 and 5/5/18 Tremont Public Advisors conducted five concurrent single question surveys of 550 Connecticut residents each, who were over the age of 18, using an on-line survey platform. Respondents were allowed to take the survey only once and were restricted from choosing more than one answer. The answer choices for candidates were shown in a random order. The poll population consisted of Connecticut internet users viewing content on a network of web publisher sites on both mobile and desktop devices. To correct for sampling bias after the survey is run, weighting was used to upweight under-represented groups and down-weight overrepresented groups using U.S. Census data. The survey answers have a MMOE of no more than +/- 4.5%.

Two Republican and two Democratic candidates for governor were tested against each other in four of the surveys and a “generic” Democrat and Republican candidate were tested against each other in the fifth survey. In all surveys, respondents not wishing to choose one of the named candidates could write in their response.